Summer Sessions

Summer 2024

Rotational Physics: 

Torque, Inertia, Energy, and Forces in Rotating Reference Frames

This one-week in-person class/workshop will cover content relevant for high school physics instruction in rotational motion.  Participating teachers will take home multiple hands-on devices they can use with their own students.  Traditional topics like torque and moments of inertia will be covered with applications to the human body, and more advanced topics like dynamic balancing and the Coriolis force will be covered.  Calculus applications in these areas can be covered as participant interest warrants.  Connections to the Next Generation Science Standards will be made. 

The class can be taken for 2 graduate credits or for continuing education.

Presenters: Lowell McCann.

DATE: Monday through Friday,  June 24-28, 2024
TIME: 9 AM - 4 PM
LOCATION: UWRF, Centennial Science Hall Room 114

COST:  For 2 graduate credits:
                  WI resident: $1,080.68,  MN resident:  $1,528.90.
            For continuing education: $490.00, payable by check.

To let us know of your interest and to get information about how to register, please follow this link.


QUESTIONS about the workshops?
Contact: Lowell McCann
P: 715-425-4417


Instructions for registering for graduate credit:

   1) Apply to be a student online: There will not be an admissions fee, as long as you indicate that you are not seeking a degree. **See these instructions for details on the enrollment process.
   2)  After you receive your student account number ("Falcon Account"), register for the class (PHYS 789) using the eSIS system. Tutorials for using eSIS can be found at:
   3)  In eSIS you will also need to sign the Fee Payment Agreement. Instructions can be found in the eSIS tutorials linked in step 2 above.

Instructions for registering for continuing education:

Please send a check for $490 (payable to UWRF) to:
Lowell McCann
Physics Dept.
410 S. 3rd St.
River Falls, WI 54022

On-campus housing:

The cost of on-campus housing will be covered by the Physics department, but individuals will still need to sign up for housing themselves. 

If you are taking the course for graduate credit, please fill out the contract linked on this page.

If you are signing up for the workshop version, please fill out this form and email it to

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