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The University of Wisconsin-River Falls Music Department is on the move. We have outstanding people who are dedicated to providing world-class educational experiences that impact the entire region. Our collective vision, student-centered planning, and robust concert season have a positive impact on UWRF students and faculty, as well as musicians and music educators in the greater Twin Cities area and beyond. 

On this page, you will find a list of our talented and dedicated Music Department faculty and staff, including links to information about each member of the music team. In addition, faculty are listed according to their areas of emphases to provide an overview of the department. Finally, we recognize that our department has benefited from outstanding emeriti faculty, who have paved the way for our current music team at UWRF.

Department Chair

David Milne

Phone: 715-425-3183

David Milne - Headshot-BW

Department Program Associate

Jenny Hansen

Phone: 715-425-3183

Hansen, Jenny 2019


Faculty List - Alphabetical


Joy Killough Amel - Lecturer of Music

Applied Voice, Foreign Language Diction, Voice for the Actor, Opera Techniques


Thomas Barnett - Professor of Music

Applied Trumpet, Music Theory, Brass Techniques, Music Appreciation, River Falls Brass

Peter Benson

Peter Benson - Lecturer of Music

Men's Choir, Applied Voice, Vocal Jazz


Gary Bird - Lecturer of Music

University Band, River Falls Brass

Budde 2019

Paul Budde - Associate Professor of Music

Introduction to Music Education, General Music Methods, Elementary Music Methods, Secondary Music Methods, Music For Elementary Teachers, Popular Music, World Music, Student Teacher Supervision, Applied Tuba


Patti Cudd - Senior Lecturer of Music

Applied Percussion, Percussion Techniques, 20th Century Music, Percussion Ensemble, New Music Ensemble, Music Appreciation


Laura Edman - Lecturer of Music

Applied Organ

Deborah Fristad

Deborah Fristad - Lecturer of Music

University Community Choir, Choral Literature, Vocal Pedagogy, Class Piano


Rick Gaynor - Lecturer of Music

Applied Trombone and Euphonium, Trombone Choir, Brass Ensemble, Music Appreciation, River Falls Brass


Eric Graham - Lecturer of Music

Music History, Applied Bass


Joseph Hagedorn - Lecturer of Music

Applied Guitar, Class Guitar, Guitar Ensemble


Craig Hara - Lecturer of Music

Falcon Band, American Music History, Live Sound Recording Technology, Applied Percussion (Drumset), River Falls Brass


Tina James - Lecturer of Music

Applied Oboe


Ivan Konev - Lecturer of Music

Applied Piano, Piano Ensemble, Music Theory

Alicia McQuerrey

Alicia McQuerrey - Lecturer of Music

Applied Flute, Flute Choir

David Milne - Headshot-BW1

David Milne - Professor of Music

Department Chair, Applied Saxophone, Saxophone Ensembles, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz History, Jazz Improvisation, Music Business


Natalia Moiseeva - Lecturer of Music

Applied Violin and Viola, Chamber String Ensemble, String Techniques


Patrick O'Keefe - Lecturer of Music

Applied Clarinet, Clarinet Ensemble, First Year Adventures, Music Appreciation, Woodwind Techniques, World Music


Chris Olson - Lecturer of Music

Jazz Guitar


Casey Palbicki - Lecturer of Music

Music Theory, Music Composition


J. W. Park - Professor of Music

Choral Conducting, Vocal Pedagogy, Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Applied Voice, Women's Chorus

Kris Tjornehoj 2020

Kristin Tjornehoj - Professor of Music

Instrumental Conducting, Instrumental Literature, Symphonic Wind Band, St. Croix Valley Symphony Orchestra, St. Croix Valley Community Band


Pete Whitman - Lecturer of Music 

Jazz Saxophone, Jazz Improvisation

Faculty List - By Area

Applied Brass

  • Thomas Barnett, trumpet
  • Erika Hammerschmidt, horn
  • Rick Gaynor, trombone, and euphonium
  • Paul Budde, euphonium and tuba

Applied Keyboard

  • Laura Edman, organ
  • Ivan Konev, piano
  • Deborah Fristad, piano

Applied Percussion

  • Patti Cudd, multiple percussion
  • Craig Hara, drumset

Applied Strings

  • Natalia Moiseeva, violin and viola
  • Joe Hagedorn, guitar
  • Ben Osterhouse, cello
  • Eric Graham, bass (electric bass)
  • Charles Block, bass (classical)

Applied Voice

  • Joy Amel
  • Peter Benson
  • Jong Won Park 

Applied Woodwinds

  • Alicia McQuerrey, flute
  • Patrick O'Keefe, clarinet
  • Tina James, oboe
  • Pete Whitman, saxophone 
  • Nick Ober, bassoon

Choral Ensembles

  • Chamber Singers, Peter Benson
  • Concert Choir, J.W. Park
  • University Community Choir, Deborah Fristad
  • Women's Chorus, J.W. Park


  • Casey Palbicki


  • Jong Won Park, choral
  • Kristin Tjornehoj, instrumental

Instrumental Ensembles - Large Group

  • Symphony Band, Kristin Tjornehoj
  • University Community Band, Gary Bird
  • St. Croix Valley Community Band, Kristin Tjornehoj
  • St. Croix Valley Symphony Orchestra, Kristin Tjornehoj
  • Jazz Ensemble, Craig Hara

Instrumental Ensembles - Specialty 

  • Chamber String Ensemble, Natalia Moiseeva
  • Piano Ensemble, Ivan Konev
  • Brass Ensemble, Rick Gaynor
  • Trumpet Ensemble, Tom Barnett
  • Trombone Choir, Rick Gaynor
  • Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble, Paul Budde 
  • Flute Choir, Alicia McQuerrey
  • Clarinet Ensemble, Patrick O'Keefe
  • Saxophone Ensemble, David Milne
  • Guitar Ensemble, Joe Hagedorn
  • Percussion Ensemble, Patti Cudd
  • New Music Ensemble, Patti Cudd
  • Falcon Band, Craig Hara

Music Business

  • Craig Hara
  • David Milne

Music Education

  • Peter Benson
  • Paul Budde
  • Deborah Fristad
  • J.W. Park
  • Kristin Tjornehoj

Music History

  • Patti Cudd
  • David Milne

Music Theory

  • Thomas Barnett
  • Ivan Konev

Music Appreciation 

  • Thomas Barnett (Understanding Music)
  • Paul Budde (Popular Music)
  • Patti Cudd (Understanding Music)
  • Rick Gaynor (Understanding Music)
  • Patrick O'Keefe (First Year Adventure)

World Music 

  • Patrick O'Keefe
  • Kristin Tjornehoj

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