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The general scheme for payment of individuals at UWRF is described by this flow chart.

Payments of Less Than or equal to $5,000 Per Year

Individuals who are providing a unique service in support of grant activities and who are not UW System employees are considered independent contractors. Independent contractors can be paid in one of two ways:

      • Invoice: The independent contractor submits an invoice to university accounting (email address: University accounting confirms with the department of the Principal Investigator that payment of the invoice is authorized.
      • PIR: The Principal Investigator initiates payment to the independent contractor by completing a Payment to Individuals Report (PIR).

Payments of Greater Than $5,000 Per Year

The following is the process for payment of independent contractors who are part of grant activities and allocated more than $5,000 per year in the award budget.

      • The Principal Investigator prepares an Academic Support Service Agreement (ASSA) and has the independent contractor sign.
      • The Principal Investigator then signs as the "liaison" and sends the form to the Director of Grants and Research (Molly Van Wagner, with a completed Contract and Agreement Cover Sheet
      • The director of grants and research will obtain the remaining signatures and the documentation will be saved in the purchasing office.
      • Payment to the independent contractor may then be initiated through university accounting via a Payment to Individual Report (PIR) form or via an invoice from the contractor. (email:

Businesses and Other Entities

Businesses or entities which are providing a service in support of grant activities should submit an invoice to the university for payment. A Purchase Requisition must be completed and approved prior to invoicing of payments in excess of $5,000 per year. When completing this form please include an email address for the vendor so that UWRF purchasing can request a W9 form.  Also, please have your department chair sign the form.

Should the vendor require a purchase order, the purchase requisition form can be used for this purpose.

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