Grants and Research

Proposal Development and Budgeting

You are encouraged to contact the grants and research office at any time during the process of proposal and budget development. 

National Institute of Health: Write your Application/Sample Applications & More/PHS 398 (esp. Section 2, 5.5)

National Science Foundation: A Guide for Proposal Writing / SciENcv

UWRF Faculty Partnerships

UWRF faculty activity reports are compiled from information in Activity Insight and are provided to facilitate partnerships and collaborations between UWRF faculty. 

Budget Information

A budget template is provided to assist with the process of creating a proposal budget.  A second tab converts the budget to the NSF format.

Comments about Fringe and Indirect Costs

Proposal Deadlines

All proposals are required to have a completed and signed Proposal Routing and Approval Form before submission.  This form should be submitted to the grants office at least 3 days in advance of the submission due date. The grants office will forward the form for final review and approval.

The grants office will complete the submission of proposals that are required to be submitted through or Fastlane. Proposals which are submitted directly to a sponsor (for example, via an email attachment) may be submitted directly by the PI.

Please plan to submit your proposal to the grants office at least one week before the submission due date. This allows for a thorough review, revisions, uploading of proposal documents and budgets, and a buffer for unanticipated issues. In addition, many grants are submitted via an electronic portal and these can be unreliable and slow, especially near deadlines. Planning to submit proposals to the sponsor at least 3-5 days before the deadline is strongly recommended.

Funding Decisions

Please notify the grants office once you receive the funding decision from the sponsor.

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