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Research Ethics and Compliance: IACUC

UW-River Falls Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Responsible and ethical animal care and use is a central component of the culture at UW-River Falls. Animal use in research, teaching, and exhibition is performed with oversight from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The IACUC has three primary duties:

  1. Review animal use protocols to ensure the safe and responsible use of animals in teaching, research, and exhibition.
  2. Inspect animal facilities on campus and at the laboratory farms twice per year.
  3. Investigate complaints regarding animal care and use.

All findings of inspections and investigations are reported to the Provost. Overall, the IACUC is responsible for ensuring the safe and ethical use of animals and compliance with federally mandated standards of animal care and use in UWRF-related activities. You can find more information regarding training and animal use at UW-River Falls below.

Before faculty, staff, and students can work with animals in teaching, research, and exhibition, they must be trained.

Visit CITI training / Instruction sheet for CITI training

After training is complete, the certificate must be uploaded to the training database. Training certificates are valid for three years before refresher training and renewal is required.

Visit BPLogix training database

All university activities involving the use of animals in teaching, research, and exhibition – except for those listed in the document below - must be reviewed by the Animal Care and Use Committee.

BPLogix Protocol Form

Instruction sheet for protocol form

Exempt activities


The administrative policy for the UW-River Falls IACUC can be found here:

Policy document

The UW-River Falls IACUC is also a resource for faculty, staff, and students who use animals in their teaching, research, and exhibition activities. Here are some helpful references regarding animal use. If more information is needed, please email

AWA Blue Book

FASS Guide for the Care of Agricultural Animals

NAMI Guide for Care and Use of Animals

AALAC guide

If you need to report a concern regarding animal care and use at UW-River Falls, please email


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