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Filling Out BP Logix Forms

Filling out Forms in BP Logix is like completing most online forms.  The information below identifies functionality that may be unique to BP Logix Forms.

Navigating in a Form

  • In most cases you can press the [Tab] key to move from one field to the next.
  • If you are unsure of what a field is or what it is asking, try hovering your cursor over it. Oftentimes a tooltip with an explanation will appear.
  • Some fields are set to fill automatically based on an entry you have made in a previous field. This means that filling in or selecting information for one field will automatically trigger updates to other fields.
  • In some cases, completing a field or selecting information will cause additional related fields to appear.
  • Many forms have an Attach File button. The Attach File button works just like attaching a file to an email message.

Working with Required Fields

Some fields on the Forms are required. You cannot submit the form until you have entered the requested/required information.

Required fields are identified in one or both of the following ways:

  • A red asterisk appears in front of the field.
  • The field is bordered in red.

If you forget or miss completing a required field, you will be prompted to complete the missed field when you try to submit the form.

Using Save and Close for Later

There will be times when you need to stop working on a form even though it is not complete. You can click the Save and Close for Later button. When you are ready to complete the form, go to your My Tasks List on the BP Logix homepage to find the form and finish updating the information.

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