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About Applicant Pools

Some large school districts, like St. Paul Public Schools, pre-interview and screen candidates from various disciplines to create an exclusive applicant hiring pool from which principals identify candidates they will hire and/or second-interview for hire.

See "St. Paul Applicant Pools" section below if you are applying to St. Paul Public Schools.


St. Paul Applicant Pools

St. Paul Public Schools Applicant Pool Information

(Below updated 2010-2011 Academic Year)

St. Paul Public Schools hires from two separate applicant is a "Substitute Teacher Pool" and one is a "Hiring Pool" for full-time teaching positions. Each hiring pool must be interviewed for separately. St. Paul HR staff encourage teachers to apply to the Substitute Pool and obtain substitute teaching experience in St. Paul schools, which will enhance their opportunity for being interviewed when they apply for full-time teaching positions.

Contact: Kha Vang,, is the St. Paul Public Schools HR Manager, and is the contact for further information regarding these St. Paul applicant pools.  

Saint Paul Public Schools Teacher Selection Process
(Courtesy of St. Paul Human Resources)

  1. HR Pre-Screening: HR Department personnel "paper screen" applications. This screening includes a review of the application, credentials and transcripts for quality and relevancy, and also consists of confidential reference checks to persons identified by the candidate on the application form.
  2. Invitation to Formal Interview: Applicants who successfully make it through the paper screening process may be invited to participate in a formal interview.
  3. Formal Team Interview: A structured screening interview will be conducted by a team comprised of a principal, a teacher and a parent or community person.
  4. Acceptance Into Applicant Pool: Applicants who are successful in these two screening processes will be designated "candidates" for further consideration as vacancies occur.
  5. Interview by Hiring School's Principal: Principals may interview candidates in the applicant pool whose qualifications "match" the position needing to be filled. Principals make a recommendation to the Human Resource Department as to the successful candidate they would like for their position/school.
  6. Paperwork & Orientation: The successful candidate is then notified by a Human Resources representative and invited to come in and complete all necessary paperwork, sign a contract for a conditional job offer (pending a background check) and set a date for orientation.
  7. Alternative - Substitute Teaching: If you are not successful in obtaining a contracted position, SUBSTITUTE! We keep our substitutes very busy. Substitute teaching provides invaluable experience.

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