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Social Media Professionalism

Having an online profile for professional purposes is becoming mainstream, and tells employers that you are current. Employers may learn a lot about you before or after an interview by what you post publicly in social networking sites and other websites. Keep your profiles and public content professional, and use your security settings to control what employers may see.

linked in logo: Hiring managers and professionals use LinkedIn as a professional tool to network. Only use your LinkedIn account for professional (not personal) purposes.

View this quick video to learn the top five LinkedIn profile to-do's.


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Beware, the content of any of your online social media accounts may be accessible to employers through their Friends, connections or followers. Check the viewing rights you provide to your friends and networks, and update public content in your public profile and messages to to keep them professional. The more positive information you post, the more you can build your professional image online.

Google Logo : Search for your name using Google to see what your "digital dirt" looks like. If you find content that you wish employers would not see, attempt to have it removed.

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