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Best Practice: Two Separate Steps

Important: UWRF web team staff believes the best way to add an image(s) to a page is to conduct two separate steps:

  1. Upload the image(s) first
  2. Select image from server and place image in textblock

Step 1. Upload the image(s) to the CMS

  • New > Image

new image

  • Choose the subsite in which you want your photos to be in. The default is the subsite you are on.
  • Choose Upload Multiple images. IMPORTANT: Choose this option even if you are uploading only one image!

Upload Multiple Choose Subsite

  • Drag and drop image into upload box (or you may choose add image and find the image in the source folder)

Upload Multiple Drag Images 

Upoad Multiple Check and Enter

Upload Multiple Enter Properties

  • Descriptions are required for each to complete upload.
  • Check all of the action boxes.  (or click "Select all")
  • Click "enter properties"
  •  When the Upload Status appears, close it.

Upload Status: Multiple

  • Save
  • Select cancel to clear the pop up window


Step 2. Insert the Image

ImageOpen a formatted text block. Place your cursor in the general location of where you want the image to appear. Next click the image icon.




Image Properties


You may choose an image that has already been uploaded. Images are included in a Public Gallery that can be searched - either by Subsites or over the entire UWRF site.







About Image Titles and Alternate Tags

When you have an image on your desktop that you are going to upload, make sure you use a title that is descriptive, not just the file number. Images are available to all our CMS authors, and a descriptive title helps in searching. The title can also be used as the Alternate Text Tag which should be descriptive enough to provide a mental picture for people using the screen reader setting on the computer. If your title is not descriptive (making it easier to search), you should still make the Alternate Text a full description.

Image Adjustments

Once your image is in your text block, you can Edit Your Image (also see information on Aligning your Image).

Linking an image is also done in the Image Properties screen.

If you have a new version (like an updated photo ID), use the Upload New Image Version.

To display multiple images in a cycle (slide show), see Image Cycle.

Image Size

Images should be the same size (width) as the space you are filling and no wider.

Open images in a photo editor to resize them if necessary. Large photos that are resized (dimensions changed) inside CommonSpot still retain the original size (in KB/MB) and may take a long time to load.

Photos used in the Faculty and Staff profile pages must be 200px wide by 300px high. If not, the person may appear squished since the photo is forced to that size.

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