Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Consider the primary keywords people would use to find the  page.
        Example:  "Accounting  Degree"
  • Include this phrase in the page title.  (In the CMS, Properties menu>Standard.)
  • Include this phrase in the description of the page. The  description should be about two sentences. The description should also include other  secondary keywords like "college", "Wisconsin", "River Falls", "Program". The description will also appear in the second line of the result in most search  engines.
  • Include the keywords in the page headers. (Header 2, Header 3)
  • Words that are in the description should also be in the body  of the text on the actual page.
  • Include the keywords in the alternative text in photos.
  • If possible get other pages on other domains to link to your  page (difficult to do).

More suggestions for improvements are forthcoming.

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