Containers and Elements

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What are containers?

A page consists of Containers which hold different types of Elements.

Example of Containers



The Container icon is a square. Hover over a container. You will see a dotted outline of the container.

Elements sit inside containers. The most commonly used element is the formatted text block. 90% of the content you create including images will go inside a formatted text block.



Formatted Text Block ElementThe element icon looks like a “gear.” (At right is a Formatted Text Block element inside a container.)


Click To Insert New Element


Inside and positioned under the container is a link to “Click to insert new element.”  The list of possible elements will be revealed.



Element Gallery

Not all possible elements may be revealed to you. This depends on author permissions. Contact if you are not seeing an option you want.
























After you have chosen your element, click "Next"  to establish the element in the container.

Click To Define the Element

Editing a page

When you return to a page to make changes follow these steps:

Click “View” and check “Work on this Page (All Changes)”

work on this page

Since you have already created a text element and want to edit the content, click the round gear (Formatted Text Block no header), then click "Text" to open the Formatted Text Block.

Edit Element Text

Can't edit because the "gear" icon  is missing?

In the right hand corner under to the yellow preview button you will notice three Icons.

They look like this:


Clicking on them will remove all of the icons from view to reveal the content underneath.


Simply unclick them and you will be able to edit the content again.

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