Left Side Navigation

The pages listed on the left side of pages on the website are said to be in the Navigation. This area is built automatically based on the properties of pages within a subsite and its child subsites.

Adding/Removing from Navigation

To add or remove a page from navigation you must

  • Go to the page in authoring mode
  • On the top left toolbar select Properties -> Custom Properties
  • Using the Add to Navigation checkbox, check or uncheck based on your needs

Updating Navigation

The left side navigation is an element that is cached. That is to say it is stored as is and is only updated after a certain amount of time. This decreases load on the servers and drastically increases page performance. 

For our purposes, the left side navigation is stored for 24 hours, so if you make a change within that time, it won't appear until 24 hours after the last update, which could be in 2 minutes or 23 hours and 2 minutes. We recongnize that this often times is an unacceptable wait, and we have created an Action that any author may perform. Documentation on that may be found in Cache Clearing.

Navigation Title

One thing to note is that the title of the navigation, which is also the title of the Subsite, is a link that points back to the Index page of the subsite. In order for a child subsite to appear in the parent's navigation it too must have its own Index page.

Navigation Dropdowns

In some subsites you may notice dropdowns in the navigation denoted by a "+" symbol. Beneath that are the links to other pages. These are created automatically based on child subsites. If your subsite has a child with an Index page it will appear in the parent navigations.

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