Create a New Child Site

Note: It is not recommended to create a child subsite unless 3 or more or pages are housed in the child subsite. The home page of every child subsite should be called index.cfm.

Become familiar with creating new pages before creating a new child subsite.

A child site is a separate area/page list that appears in your left-side navigation with a plus sign (+) next to it to indicate a topic that has related pages. Those related pages, if marked for inclusion in the navigation, are displayed below when you click the plus sign.

  1. To create a new child site, click the Admin button in the top menu bar.
  2. Choose Subsite Administration.

Subsite Administration

  1. Select your subsite from the list of subsites to which you have access. Click "Next."

Select Subsite

  1. Click "New Subsite" (lower right corner).

Manage Subsite

  1. Enter your subsite name (a short name that will be part of the URL, no spaces or special characters)
  2. Put in the description.
  3. Enter the Display Name. This is what will appear to your viewer in the navigation and in breadcrumbs. It is not required, but if you don't enter something, your child site won't appear - and you can't go back and add it later. Contact your web administrators for assistance.

Create Subsite

  1. The next thing you should do is create a new page with the name of Index and a title of your choosing. It is essential that you create an Index page before adding on child sites. Review Create a New Page if you have not done this before. you can also do so underneath the subtle statistics box on the subsite administration area.

NOTE: If you already have a page that you are turning into a child site main page, once you have created the child site MOVE the page into the child site and RENAME it Index.

Create New Page In Subsite

  1. Pages that you want to see in the navigation under the child site topic name should be created in the child site and included in the navigation. See Navigation for how to include a page and give it a priority to control its position in the list (top, last, etc.)

Subsite Screen Capture

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