Navigating and Locating content in the CMS

Make sure you are familiar with subsites.Return To Training Icon

Gold Folders located under top pull-down menus

Once you have logged in, you can use the "gold folders" to find your subsite and page.

If you are in "My Commonspot" you can click the "www" next to your name in the upper right corner to go the UWRF home page. Then look for the gold folders.

Click the gold www folder.

WWW folder

Find your subsite folder and click it.

CMS Training Folder

In the list of child sites and pages, find the folder you want and click it.

Student Folder

You can then select any active page and open it by clicking the title. This will take you to the page in the subsite. You can sort the list by clicking "Page Title" and look for the specific page you want from the list of pages.

Active Page


Getting around a subsite using the navigation or bread crumb trail

another way to get around within the subsite is to use the navigation which is located on the left side.



You can use the Bread Crumb trails to move between the subsite and the child subsites

bread crumb

Once you are on a page in the subsite, you can edit that page or create a new page.

Locating pages, documents, and images using Find and Reports

Aside from viewing the list of pages by clicking the subsite yellow folder, there are several ways to locate documents and images.

Using "Find"

Click "Tools" in the menu bar and use "Find" to search for documents and "Find Images" to search for images.


Search Images

Click the Subsite: blue arrow and choose the subsite to search from the drop-down list.


Enter text to search for - a word used in the title of the image or the document (which is why it's important to use a descriptive title when uploading documents or images).

Enter Search Criteria

Check the box to include child subsites (the document you search for may be down a level or two).

Include Child Subsites

Click "Search" to view the results.


Using Reports

You can use "Reports" to run a list of pages or uploaded documents.


To look only for pages, uncheck everything but the Pages checkbox.

Report Page Click To Toggle

If you'd like to see a list of documents, uncheck everything but Uploaded Documents.

Report Uploaded Documents

Choose the subsite you want to search, include child subsites, and Click the "Filter" button.

Report Include Child Site

To see your list in alphabetical order, click the Page Title to sort.

Sort By Title

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