Faculty Staff Pages for Departments

To create a directory of faculty photos:

  • First, review the instructions about how to Insert a tabular layout element into the faculty staff page. Then follow the instructions below to create the page.
  • Add two cells and one row for the first table. Each employee will occupy a single row. The left column will contain the photo. The right column will contain the information about the employee.
  • Add a textblock element to the container on the LEFT.

Faculty/Staff Page Preview 2017

  • Add the photo to the the text block by retrieving it from the /facultystaff subsite. (Please do not copy the photos and upload them to the department subsite.)
  • Add a textblock to the container on the RIGHT
  • In a separate window, visit the staff members profile by searching people search.
  • Add the title and name of the faculty/staff member to the column on the RIGHT
  • On the individuals name create a link to his or her profile by creating a relative link. The person's profile can found in the facultystaff subsite
  • Reminder: You may change the order of the tabular layouts by moving them above and below one another by clicking the table, then more, and choosing to move the table up or down.

Default (or Placeholder) Image

If a staff member doesn't have a photo you may insert a placeholder photo located in the /facultystaff/ subsite. Insert a photo in the usual way but search for "Default Profile Picture"  

Default Profile Picture



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