Table Element

Using the Table Layout Element


Reasons you may want to use the table layout element:

  • Display content (text blocks) in columns across a page
  • Display content in a table layout without showing borders
  • Display an image gallery (grid)
  • Display rows and columns of buttons to linked pages.

How to Set up a Tabular Layout

1. Add Element
2. Element Gallery > Layout Elements > Tabular Layout

Tabular Layout

3. Click to define the table columns, rows, and width.

Define Tabular Layout

4. Define columns. Do not define rows, For a second row add another tabular layout element.


5. Choose the elements you want in each cell (Formatted textblock, YouTube video, etc.)

6. Add content and submit. (Note: for multiple rows add another Tabular layout element)

Modifying width of the cells by revealing cell options (Optional)

  • To change cell widths click the little arrow in the right hand corner on the table element.
  • Each cell will have its icon appear which will look like a square with three dots with (cell) next to it. Click on the icon.
  • select Layout.



Change the width in percent: see recommended percentages.

Select Cell Width

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