Navigation List

The navigation is a "reserved" area in the left column for listing pages within the subsite. A page does not have to be included in the navigation; but to have a topic listed in the navigation, it must be a page in our CMS and must be marked for inclusion.

The top item in the Navigation is the title of the Index page for the Subsite.

A page that has a plus sign next to it indicates that is child subsite index page. Clicking the plus sign will reveal the pages contained within that child subsite that have been marked to include in the navigation. 

Clicking the child site index page will take you to that page and display only the navigation in that subsite. Users can click the breadcrumbs to return to the main parent subsite.


To include a page in the navigation, go to "Properties" and choose "Custom."


Custom PropertiesCheck the box next to "Add to subsite navigation"

Enter a priority based on the rank top to bottom (1-100).

Leaving the default at 50 for all pages will arange the links alphabetical.

Keep your navigation items to a minimum.

Use Child sites to group like pages.


IMPORTANT! In authoring mode, navigation changes will appear in the left column right away. In two steps, click on the Actions menu and choose "refresh navigation/prefooter" and "clear & update cache" to ensure the page is revealed to visitors

Page Redirects

It is possible to include a page in the navigation that redirects to a page in a different subsite or to a page on a website outside our domain (external URL).

Create a new page as you normally would. Choose a name and title for the page. The title is what will be displayed in the navigation.

In any page container, insert New Element > Miscellaneous > Redirect

Click the round gear > Chose "New Data" > Type (or paste) the full URL (including of the page to which you want the user to go.

Submit/Activate the page (top right)
Then Chose >  Actions > "Clear and update cache" and then Chose > Actions>  "refresh navigation/prefooter." The redirect should appear in the navigation.

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