Pre-Major/Exploratory Program

Pre-Major/Exploratory Program

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Students who choose to enter UW-River Falls as pre-major/exploratory will complete required coursework while assessing their opportunities.

Many students enter their first year of college with a number of exciting ideas about their potential major. The pre-major/exploratory option allows students to learn about themselves, understand our wide array of academic majors, and make decisions with confidence.



To support students in their transition into a specific academic program by the end of their sophomore year or completion of 45 credits.

We encourage all exploratory students to develop a strategy for effective decision making and academic planning.

What is Pre-Major/Exploratory:

For new students:

A temporary home for students to find their path until they declare a major and are assigned to a faculty advisor who will support them in their academic program.

For current students already declared/in a major:

Students who wish to change their major may become part of the Pre Major/Exploratory Program for one semester to assist in their transition.

Resources For Students


 Ready to Declare?

To declare a major:  

Make an appointment with the chair of the department you wish to declare

To declare a minor:  

Visit the Registrar's Office
Visit the department you wish to declare