Become a Tutor

What you should know before you apply:

  • By filling out an application you agree to our academic record check. To be an Appointment Based Tutor you must receive at least a B in the courses you wish to tutor to qualify.
  • To be a Study Center Tutor you need to have a minimum of a B- GPA. 
  • Request one recommendation from a faculty member in each department for which you would like to tutor.
    • The application will automatically e-mail the recommendation form to the professors of your choice. We recommend talking to your professors in-person prior to submitting your application.
  • After submitting an application, IF selected, we will email you to schedule an interview. 
    • Tutor hiring is based on student needs and the qualifications of the applicant. If not hired this semester, you are welcome to re-apply the next term.
    • We will keep completed applications (includes student application and faculty recommendation) on file for one semester. If hired, you will not need to re-apply each semester.


Positions and How to Apply:

Individual (appointment-based) tutor: Submit an application and recommendations. If selected, we will contact you by e-mail to set up an interview 

Currently recruiting for individual tutors for the following subjects.

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Geography 212


Study Center Tutor: Send inquiries about open positions to, or visit the center and speak with the current center manager. 


Fall 2019 Tutoring Center openings. 


  • The AgSci/Skills Center has openings for an AGEC/ANSC tutor and a general 100/200 level course tutor.





  • If you are not already an individual tutor; please submit an application and recommendations
  • The ESL, Writing, and Math centers have their own hiring and training process, which may require additional course work. Please contact the faculty advisers of these centers with inquiries.



Tutoring Center Manager Positions


There are no manager positions open for the Fall 2019 semester

  • If you are interest in applying for a manager position and you are not already employed as an individual or study center tutor, please also submit an application and recommendations.
  • If you are already employed as a tutor please email your resume to, please state which tutoring center manager position you are applying for.