Information for Faculty

Tutor Recruitment Process:

Interested students should submit an application form

The faculty member receives a request to submit a recommendation online

Tutors are hired based on faculty recommendations, academic records, interviews, and the needs of Tutoring Services. 

Is there a Tutor for your class?

Unfortunately, professors are unable to access TutorTrac to see if there is an appointment tutor available for their course. Please feel free to email to check appointment tutor availability.

You can check out the Drop-In Tutoring Center's schedules to see if there are tutors staffed in a center who are qualified to assist with your course.

Request a Tutor for Your Class:

E-mail to request a tutor for a class study group or to get extra help for individual students.  Please note that all tutors must be hired through the Student Success Center.

We are always looking for feedback to help serve students better. Please e-mail us if you have any questions, concerns or ideas.