Schedule a Tutoring Appointment

How to schedule an appointment using the Navigate App

How to schedule an appointment using the Navigate website

  • You will be meeting with your tutor using a Blackboard Collaborative Ultra link. BBCU works best with the Chrome browser. Your tutor will provide you with a specific link to use to connect to your tutoring session. If you are unable to use BBCU, talk with your tutor about using Teams, Webex, or Facetime.

For information about scheduling an appointment with the Math Help Center, please click here.

For more information about scheduling an appointment with the Writing Center, please click here.

Tutoring is funded by Falcon Promise dollars. This funding is to be used to hire tutors for key general education courses. Because of this we may not always be able to provide a tutor for your course. If you can't find a tutor for your course, please email

  • Include when you are typically available to meet for tutoring
  • The course you need a tutor for
  • Please use the following format: Psyc 101, Econ 236, Biol 150, etc.

We will do our best to find a suitable tutor to assist with that course.