Provost's Office

Department and Unit Chairs


College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Agricultural Economics Brenda Boetel

Agricultural Education James Graham / Tim Buttles

Agricultural Engineering Technology Joel Peterson

Animal and Food Science Peter Rayne / Steven Kelm

Plant and Earth Science Holly Dolliver

College of Arts and Sciences

Art Eoin Breadon

Biology Jorge (Fred) Bonilla

Chemistry & Biotechnology Barbara Nielsen

English Marshall Toman

Geography and Geographical Information Science Mathew Dooley

History and Philosophy Dean Yohnk

Communication and Media Studies Jennifer Willis-Rivera

Mathematics Laurel Langford

Modern Language Marshall Toman

Music David Milne

Physics Suruj Seunarine

Political Science  Davida Alperin

Psychology Travis Tubré

Sociology, Criminology and Anthropology Rich Wallace

Stage and Screen Arts Robin Murray

Administrative Units

Women's & Gender Studies Melanie Ayres

International Studies Davida Alperin

English Language Transition Kiki Augustin

College of Business and Economics

Accounting and Finance Dawn Hukai

Economics Logan Kelly

Computer Science and Information Systems Hossein Najafi

Management and Marketing Stacy Vollmers

Military Science (ROTC) Jeremie Hannah

College of Education and Professional Studies

Communication Sciences and Disorders Lori Swanson

Counseling and School Psychology Caroline Baker

Health and Human Performance Paul Shirilla

Social Work Program Tamara Kincaid

Teacher Education Florence Monsour

Graduate Program Directors

Counseling-MSE - Caroline Baker

STEMteach-MSE Secondary Education - Earl Blodgett

Agricultural Education-MS - Tim Buttles

Reading-MSE - Amy Frederick

Mathematics-MSE Secondary Education -Erick Hofacker

Professional Development Learning Community-MSE Secondary Education - Elizabeth Janey

Principal Licensure-MSE  - Florence Monsour

Elementary Education-MSE - Hiawatha Smith

Clinical Exercise Physiology-MS -Joe O'Kroy

Montessori MSE Elementary Education & MSE Secondary Education - Kateri Carver

Communication Sciences & Disorders-MS - Lori Swanson

Health & Wellness Management Collaborative-MS -Jodee Schaben

TESOL-MA -Marshall Toman

College of Business & Economics Graduate Programs (Business Administration-MBA, and Computer Science-MS) -Leanne Van Allen

School Psychology-EDS & MSE - Scott Woitaszewski


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