This page has been setup to provide information on the proposed University Personnel Systems (UPS) changes.  

For the most up-to-date information please see

  • 11/28/2014 - The Classified Staff Advisory Council is now building subcommittees to work on local UPS policies. Review this document for a complete list of local policies and deadlines. If you are interested in serving on these working groups or would like further information please email
  • Grievance Procedure - The Classified Staff Advisory Council has been working with classified staff and LTE's to come up with a recommendation for an impartial hearing officer/committee.  
    • 10/22/14 - PowerPoint with explanation of local charge as it applies to the Grievance Procedure
  • Proposed changes to the CSAC By-Laws to change name to "University Staff Council" in preparation for UPS changes.  If approved, this would be the governing body for University Staff (currently classified staff and LTEs)
The State of Wisconsin authorized and directed the University of Wisconsin System to develop two distinct new personnel systems:
  • One for all UW-Madison employees
  • One for all other UW System employees