University Staff Senate

Motions and Resolutions


USS Motion 2018-19/2 - Approve changes to Chapter 7.5 of the Faculty and Staff Handbook (University Staff-Recruitment) ensuring we are compliant with UW System policy. 

USS Motion 2018-19/1 - Approve Exception to Chapter 7.2.14 of the University Staff Senate Bylaws (Amending Bylaws) to delay the posting of the 2019 amended bylaws until changes are finalized and presented at the March Senate meeting with a vote at the April meeting. 

USS Motion 2017-18/6 - Clarify funds distribution for lump sum merit awards that were approved for the current year

USS Motion 2017-18/5 - Approve the local FLSA policy covering designation to be included as Section 7.4 of the Faculty and Staff handbook

USS Motion 2017-18/4 - Clarify Motion 17-18/2 to eliminate the requirements from UPS Compensation Policy, Section, paragraphs B, C and D for the 2018 merit process

USS Motion 2017-18/3 - Approve changes to University Staff Bylaws

USS Motion 2017-18/2 - Approve modified University Staff Merit calendar for 2018

USS Motion 2017-18/1 - Approve modified University Staff 2018 calendar for Career Progression, Title Change, Major Change in Duties or Equity Adjustments

USS Motion 2016-17/2 - Revision to USS Bylaws

USS Motion 2016-17/1 - Appoint two University Staff members from Facilities Management to the Executive Director search

USS Motion 2015-16/4 - Career Progression and Title Changes for University Staff

USS Motion 2015-16/3 - One-time Lump Sum Distributions

USS Motion 2015-16/2 - Procedure for Discretionary Equity Adjustment - Pay Range Averages

USS Motion 2015-16/1 - Revisions to USS Bylaws - Summary


USS Resolution 2018-19/01 University Staff in Support of the Science and Technology Innovation Center at UWRF

USS Resolution 2015-16/2 - University Staff recommends wage adjustments at UWRF should be given by increasing wages based on seniority

USS Resolution 2015-16/1 - Request Chancellor to direct the Human Resources office to begin collaboration with the University Staff Senate to develop a compensation plan that provides equity and retention adjustments for existing University Staff