University Staff Senate


The University Staff Senate serves on behalf of all permanent represented and non-represented University Staff, temporary employees and project appointment employees at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. All members of the represented and non-represented University Staff and recurring temporary employees are eligible for membership in USS.

Heather Wittkopf

Heather Wittkopf
Administrative Support [2017-2020]

Jody Sather

Jody Sather
Administrative Support [2018-2021]

Afdahl, Joel

Joel Afdahl
Blue Collar [2019-2022]

Matt Quade

Matthew Quade
Blue Collar [2017-2020]

Chelsea Knutson

Chelsea Knutson
Crafts/Technical/Law Enforcement/Security [2017-2020]

Rust, Robert 2019

Robert Rust
Fiscal and Staff Services [2019-2022]

Jennifer Friedman

Jennifer Friedman
Member-At-Large [2019-2022]

Deb Schwab

Deb Schwab
Chancellor's Office Liaison

Jackie Bennett Photo

Jackie Bennett
Supervisory and Human Resources [2018-2021]

Jones, Kris

Kris Jones
Member-at-Large [2018-2021]

Representation is based on the following University Staff constituency groups:    
  • Administrative Support (2)   
  • Blue Collar (2)
  • Crafts/Technical/Law Enforcement/Security (1)
  • Fiscal & Staff Services (1)
  • Supervisory/Human Resources (1)
  • Member-At-Large (2)

Elected members serve a three-year term beginning in June. Release time is granted by the Chancellor.

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University Staff Senate

Robert Rust
Chair, University Staff Senate