University Staff Senate


University Staff Senate Standing Committees


Bylaws Committee

Members: Kris Jones (chair), Helen Spasojevich, Linda Matzek

Duties: Annually reviews USS bylaws and proposes changes to USS as necessary.

Committee on Committees

Members: Kris Jones (chair), entire University Staff Senate

Duties: Makes recommendations for university staff membership on standing committees and faculty/administrative committees

Elections Committee

Membership: Kris Jones (chair), Stephanie Shipp, Greg Wertheimer

Duties: Conduct university staff senate elections according to our bylaws

Employee Development Committee

Membership: Robert Rust (chair), Becky Pribnow, Jody Sather

Duties: To organize various activities for University Staff

Impartial Hearing Officer Pool

Membership: not disclosed

Duties: The IHO Pool is made up of University Staff called upon to review grievances.

Networking Luncheon Committee

Membership: Lisa Lee (chair), Kris Jones

Duties: plan and implement annual university staff networking luncheon

Sally Margis Award

Membership: Brian Montpetit (chair), Greg Wertheimer, Lisa Lee

Duties: Solicit nominations and recommend award recipient

Web Page

Membership: Robert Rust, Lesley Dame

Duties: maintain University Staff Senate website

Non-Senate Committees with University Staff representation


Academic Plan Committee (Faculty Senate Ad-hoc)

Membership: Jody Sather (1 seat)

Advisory Committee on Veterans Affairs

Membership: Jesse Aerlyn-Crook (1 seat)

Affirmative Action Advisory Committee (Faculty Senate)

Membership: vacant (1 seat)

Chancellor's Task Force on Inclusivity and Racism

Membership: (HOLD) (1 seat)

Co-Curricular Assessment Committee

Membership: (HOLD) (1 seat)

Competition Review Committee

Membership: Sally Bender (1 seat)

Disability Advisory Committee (Faculty Senate)

Membership: Lesley Dame

Diversity and Inclusivity Committee (Faculty Senate)

Membership: Becky Pribnow (1 seat)

Land Acknowledgement Action Committee

Membership: Becky Pribnow (1 seat)

Performance Management Committee (Faculty Senate Ad-hoc)

Membership: Kris Jones (2 seats)

Representative to Academic Staff Council

Membership: Jody Sather(1 seat)

Representative to Faculty Senate

Membership: 1 senator

Representative to Parking Appeals Committee

Membership: Deb Toftness (1 seat)

Safety Committee

Membership: Lisa Lee (1 seat)

Strategic Plan Steering Committee (Faculty Senate Ad-hoc)

Membership: Becky Pribnow (1 seat)

Strategic Enrollment Steeting Group (Admin Committee)

Membership: Jody Sather (1 seat)

Student Conduct Hearing Board

Membership: Sally Bender (1 seat)

University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC)

Membership: Brian Montpetit, Greg Wertheimer (2 seats)

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