University Staff Senate

Grievance Welfare

Below is the proposed recommendation for the Grievance Process

Grievance and Staff Welfare Committee

The Grievance and Staff Welfare Committee is a sub-committee of the Classified Staff Council that will consist of the following:

  1. Seven members consisting of the following members, all with voting status:
    1. Classified Staff Council Vice-Chair
    2. Appointed Academic Staff member
    3. One member from each of the following areas:
      1. Administrative Staff
      2. Blue Collar
      3. Crafts and Trades
      4. Fiscal Services
      5. Public Safety
  2. Members will be approved by the Classified Staff Council
  3. Supervisors and Human Resources Staff are not eligible to sit on the committee
  4. Members will be in paid status while meeting
  5.  Members should have a 12 month appointment
    1. Members do not need to have a 100% appointment but are required to work year round
  6. Appointment will be for one year and members may only serve three consecutive terms.
  7. Two Alternate members shall be appointed to sit in the event of a conflict of interest or due to an absence by a sitting member