Mark Lambert

Hi! I am Mark Lambert. I have been employed at UWRF for 15+ years, a year at Stout and a year and a half as an LTE at River Falls. I really enjoy the various people on campus; students, staff, instructors. One thing I like is the diversity represented by many countries, different ethnicities’, sexes and ages. 

I enjoy interactions with many people on campus; from the students I either work with or come in contact with, to the maintenance folks, custodians, instructors, administration –I try to have fun getting to know them.

Much has changed since I was a student here in the early 1970’s such as the construction of additional facilities, the number of students, their diversity and more than one stop light in town.

I participate in silent sports such as biking, fishing, and hiking. An addiction for me is archery; including bows, arrows, quivers. I share this passion through instructing kids in archery and guiding others to build their own primitive bows, arrows… oh, well, I digress.