University Police

Maintenance and Security of Campus Facilities

The University maintains a very strong commitment to campus safety and security. Exterior lighting is an important part of this commitment. Motor vehicle parking lots, pedestrian walkways, and building exteriors are well lighted. Patrol officers conduct surveys of exterior lighting on campus, and reports of outages are documented and acted upon by the Facilities Management Department. A comprehensive survey of all exterior lighting is conducted each year by the campus Safety Manager, and recommendations for improvements or adjustments are forwarded to the Facilities Management Department. Members of the campus community are encouraged to report any exterior lighting deficiencies to the University Police Department by calling extension (715) 425-3133.

University Police and University Police Officers routinely check exterior doors on campus, ensuring that each exterior door and its locking mechanism are working properly. Exterior doors to buildings are locked and secured each evening by University Police and University Police Officers. In addition, door and security hardware operation deficiencies are reported on a daily basis. University Police and University Police Officers also make note of the grounds of the campus and consult with the Grounds Department to ensure that shrubbery, trees, and other vegetation on campus have been properly trimmed. University Police and University Police Officers and police officers, both on foot patrol and in vehicles, patrol parking lots on campus and other public areas of the campus.