University Police

Law Enforcement Authority and Inter-Agency Relations

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is comprised of two classes of enforcement officers:

University Police Officers

Police Officers are certified law enforcement officers with the authority as identified in UWS 18.03 and Wisconsin Statute 36.11 (2). University Police Officers have criminal arrest authority.

University Public Safety Officers

Public Safety Officers are Class III Security Officers and have authority to enforce Wisconsin Administrative Code, and other state statutes. University Public Safety Officers do not have criminal arrest authority, but can detain if assisting a licensed police officer and is directed to do so.

Inter-Agency Relations; the University Police Department works with the River Falls Police Department, and the Pierce and St Croix County Sheriff's Department (s), within the scope of their responsibilities. The UWRF Police Department maintains a close working relationship area law enforcement agencies, other area college and university police departments, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and all elements of the criminal justice system.