University Police

Crime Response Procedures

UW-River Falls Police Department (UWRFPD)

In accordance with s. 36.11 (2) Wisconsin Statutes, University of Wisconsin-River Falls Police Department is staffed by police officers who meet the standards of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board and have the power to arrest and bring before the proper courts persons violating the law on University property. The university's police officer's cooperate with local police authorities in the exercise of their responsibilities. Local police respond when requested. It is the policy of University police to encourage accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes to University police or the appropriate local police authorities. University Police officers patrol facilities and grounds 24 hours every day.

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls maintains a close working relationship with law enforcement agencies at the city, county, state and federal level.

UWRFPD cooperates with local police and other state and federal authorities in the exercise of their responsibilities.

UWRFPD maintains a strong working relationship with the River Falls Police Department and other surrounding law enforcement agencies. Staff participate in local and statewide meetings to share information and resources, as deemed necessary. UWRFPD has a memorandum of understanding with the River Falls Police Department regarding our working relationship between our departments. UWRFPD's primary patrol jurisdiction is the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. River Falls Police Department has primary jurisdiction over the City of River Falls, not including the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

General Crime Reporting

All members of the campus community are urged to immediately report crimes, suspicious actions, fires, or other emergencies occurring on the campus to UW-River Falls Police. UW-River Falls Police will respond in accordance with the established law enforcement procedures. Assistance from River Falls Police, Fire, Ambulance or other emergency services is provided upon request. In an emergency or a crime in progress call 911. All other reports may be made by calling Pierce County Dispatch 715-273-5051, the use of emergency phones (blue light), the free on-campus public telephones located in the lobbies or public areas of all campus buildings by dialing 3133, or by reporting in person to the UW-River Falls Police Department, located in the Regional Development Institute, Room 103.

Victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and/or stalking who do not wish to report the crime to a law enforcement official or to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards are still encouraged to get help and support through Health and Counseling, Victim Advocate or off campus support through SART or Turning Point.

Response to a Reported Crime

In response to a call regarding a reported crime, police officers will take the required action to investigate the crime, search for suspects, collect available evidence, file a report, and work with local prosecutors. In response to an emergency, UWRFPD will respond, evaluate, and summon the appropriate resources to respond to the incident. All relevant cases that UWRFPD generates involving students are forwarded to Student Conduct and Community Standards for review and potential action, such as initiating the student disciplinary process when appropriate and/or offering support to student victims. UWRFPD will investigate criminal reports and forward additional information obtained via the investigation to the Student Conduct and Community Standards Office. If assistance is required from the River Falls Police or Fire Departments, or other local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies, UWRFPD will contact the appropriate agency.

Off Campus Safety and Security

The River Falls Police Department (RFPD) has primary jurisdiction in all areas off campus in River Falls. RFPD routinely works with UWRFPD and the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards on any incidents occurring off campus when a UW–River Falls student is involved.

Daily Crime and Fire Log

UWRFPD maintains a daily log of crimes and incidents that occur on campus and that is accessible to the public upon request. This information includes the nature of the crime or fire, the date of incident, the date reported, time, general location, and disposition (if known). Log entries for the previous day are updated each weekday. Incidents are entered into the crime log within two business days of UWRFPD receiving the report. In order to protect an ongoing criminal investigation or the identity of a victim, the chief of police or designee may classify information as confidential and prohibit its release.

This daily log is available at UWRFPD at 715 Wild Rose Ave.