Police Announcement:


*ATTENTION: Suspicious Person 10/24/2022*


Dear Campus Community,


At approximately 12:30 p.m. today University Police was notified of a suspicious person on campus. The individual was described as a white male approximately 45 to 50 years of age, 5’9’’ to 5’10” tall, average built with white hair. The individual was wearing a long black sleeve athletic shirt, black shorts, grey baseball cap with sunglasses resting on the brim and flipflops. The individual was carrying a darker colored backpack. The individual would follow a student entering the westside dorms before the door closed (piggy backing). Once inside he would approach students asking them if they wanted a massage. University Police along with River Falls PD attempted to locate the individual with negative results. A still photo of the individual is displayed below. If you see this individual, please call 911, so University Police can contact him. If you have any information on the identity of this individual, you can contact University Police at 715-425-3133.


Safe Practices: Please be aware of your surroundings, walk in groups, let people know where you are going and the time you will be returning. Please do not allow individuals to follow you into the dorms by piggy backing. If this occurs, please contact University police, so we can address it.



Chief Fleury

Suspicious Person 10-24-2022


*Phone Scam Alert* 9/13/2019


To All Students, Faculty and Staff:


We have been contacted by the River Falls Police Department that their phone number is being spoofed. The callers are targeting UWRF students and advising them that they have done a drug bust and their name has come up. The caller accuses them of smuggling drugs and advises that they will need to pay fine or bond to the police department. They may also ask for photos or other information. This is a scam, DO NOT give out any personal information over the phone or send any money.


Please be aware that the individuals doing these scams use different tactics such as saying you have a warrant that you need to take care of, or they may portray themselves as IRS agents, saying you owe taxes due to your financial aid. These all are variations of different scams.


As always, we Never contact people by phone demanding money, nor does the River Falls Police Department or other Law Enforcement agencies.


If you received one of these calls, it is not necessary to contact UWRF PD. You only need to call and file a report if you have lost money from this scam.


If you have questions or concerns you can contact UWRF PD at 715-425-3133.




Chief Fleury



*Phone Scam Alert 5/13/2019*

Several students have received scam calls from what appears as the University Police telephone number (715)425-3133. These scam calls are the result of caller ID fraud or "spoofing".


The fraudsters, while claiming to be from University Police, are using several different ruses attempting to scam the victims of money. Suspects are using ploys ranging from asking for money to telling the subjects they are under investigation or have outstanding fines or warrents.

Students are reminded that police, government agencies, etc. will NEVER call you and demand money. Please consider the following tips:

  • If you receive a telephone call from someone telling you they are a police officer or other government employee, and they are demanding you send them money, do not engage with the caller. Immediately hang up.
  • NEVER give bank account, credit card, or personal information to someone who calls you.
  • If you feel threatened or unsafe, hang up and call 911.
  • If you lost money because of this scam, call the UW-River Falls Police Department at (715) 425-3133.
  • If you received one of these phone calls, it is not necessary to contact UWRF PD. You only need to call and file a report if you have lost money from this scam.


Campus Safety Alert from UWRF Chief Karl Fluery 10/20/2016 (click here for details)



Police Announcement 5/28/2015

IRS Scam Alert

It appears that students, staff and faculty have become a target of this scam. The caller states the Police Department is coming to arrest them and tries to extort money or financial information. Callers report the scammer knows their name and e-mail address. The scammers are spoofing the City of River Falls Police Department so the caller ID will show the call coming from the police department. These calls are a scam. Please do not give out any of your information.  

The following link will provide additional information in regards to the scam:  

Chief Fleury


Police Announcement

Click It or Ticket

From the Wisconsin DOT, Division of State Patrol,
Bureau of Transportation Safety

Date: May 18, 2015
For more information contact: Chief Karl Fleury 715-425-3133  

UW River Falls Police Department to mobilize for Click It or Ticket safety belt enforcement from May 18 to 31

UWRF Police Department will mobilize along with hundreds of other law enforcement agencies throughout Wisconsin for the annual Click It or Ticket safety belt enforcement campaign from May 18 to 31.

"Our officers are serious about safety belt enforcement. We see far too many drivers and passengers needlessly killed or injured because they were unbuckled in a crash," says Chief Karl Fleury "During the Click It or Ticket mobilization and throughout the year, we will stringently enforce Wisconsin's safety belt law. We're not trying to write more tickets. Through enforcement and education, we're striving to get people to buckle up every time they drive or ride in a vehicle."

Although the state's safety belt use rate of 85 percent is the highest ever, more than half of the drivers and passengers killed in Wisconsin traffic crashes last year were not wearing safety belts. In addition, last year there were more than 55,000 convictions for failure to fasten a seat belt.

"No matter if it is day or night, or a short trip or a long journey, drivers and passengers must buckle up. Wearing a safety belt is the best possible protection against being ejected from a vehicle during a crash or thrown around violently inside it and possibly hitting another person in the vehicle with massive force," Chief Fleury says. "That's why Click It or Ticket is more than a slogan to our officers. It's a life-saving effort."

University Police

Police Announcements

Updated Campus Safety Alert (issued 10/10/2014, 1:30 p.m.)

UW-River Falls received an anonymous written communication that included an implied threat.  An initial safety alert was issued even though the threat did not specify or target any particular person, group, or location.  The communication states, "Beware the Ides of October, the time is nigh and the bullets will fly." The Ides of October corresponds to October 15th. 

The safety and security of the UW-River Falls campus community is our highest priority.  There will be an increased law enforcement presence on or around campus for your overall safety. The UW-River Falls Police Department and its law enforcement partners continue to investigate this matter. If you have any information in regards to this case, please contact the UW-River Falls Police Department at 715-425-3133.

While authorities investigate, we do not anticipate any changes to scheduled classes and events. We do ask that students, staff, and faculty be alert to any suspicious activity or persons. If you notice any suspicious or unusual behavior or activity, call 911 immediately. You can also contact the UW-River Falls Police Department at 715-425-3133. 

Further information will be provided on the UW-River Falls Police Department website ( under Police Announcements when it becomes available. The UW-River Falls Police website also provides resources regarding personal safety. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the strategies outlined in these resources now and periodically in the future. 

Those with questions or concerns regarding this matter should call 715-425-3936. 

Karl Fleury UWRF
Chief of Police/Director of Protective Services