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The Authoring Environment

Diagram of authoring server on left, read only server in the middle and visitor's browser on the right with arrows, representing requests, in between.

When you are authoring content you are working in the "authoring" environment.  You will see authoring menus and the URL will look something like this: 

(Notice the portion of the URL.)

However, the page the visitor sees is 

When you submit your changes to the page they are delivered from the authoring server to the production server.  When a visitor requests the page they see the latest change.

What is a Subsite?

The website is A subsite is the website your office or department maintains. It's the "folder" that holds the pages, documents and images. In this URL  , "cbe" is the subsite for the College of Business and Economics.

In this URL , "registrar" is the subsite for the registrars office.

A child subsite is a subsite within a subsite like this A child subsite has its own navigation. The navigation features a (+) plus-sign that when clicked expands the navigation menu to reveals links to the pages inside child subsite.

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