Upload a New Document Version (Replace Document)

Uploading a new document version through an existing link (Best Practice)

  1. Visit the page where a link to the document has been established.
  2. Open the text block that contains the the link to the document
  3. Highlight the link
    Highlight text, click link icon
  4. Select the link function by clicking the link icon
  5. Under the link actions tab (first tab), Click the word here in the "To change the link action, click here."
    Choose Click here
  6. In the pull down menu, choose "new document version"
    Choose pull down menu
  7. Follow the prompts to upload a new document
  8. Close the prompt and save the text block

The link should go to the new version of the page after the page is submitted.

Uploading a new document version through the reports option

  1. In the menu choose "Reports"
  2. Chooses Pages, Templates, Upload Docs...
  3. In the actions column to the far right of the document click blue icon
    upload new

  4. Select upload New Version
  5. Browse your local computer for the new version, select it and click open
    Upload New Document Version 2

  6. Save

The new version will be in place. 


Warning: After the new version of the document is uploaded you will have to update one of the links to the document in order for the new version can be downloaded or else an error may occur when visitors click on the link. 

  1. Open text block that contains the link.
  2. Highlight the linked text.
  3. Click the link icon.
  4. Select "save."
  5. Then save the text block and submit the page. 
  6. To view the new version clear cache on your browser and refresh the page.

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