Upload Multiple Images

Best Practice: Two Separate Steps

Important: UWRF Web Team Staff believes the best way to add an image(s) to a page is to conduct two separate steps:

  1. Upload the image(s) first
  2. Select the placement of the image and "choose" the image(s) 

Step 1. Upload the image(s) to the CMS

  • New > Image

Upload Multiple Images

  • Select the Image Gallery. The only option is 'Default Image Gallery'
  • Drag and drop the files or click 'Add Image' to search for each document

Upload Multiple Images 1

  • The current subsite you are working in will be highlighted in blue. (You my have to scroll through the list of subsites to see this.) You may select a different subsite to host the image if you want.
  • Note: The subsite check box WILL NOT be clickable.
  • Click 'Upload Image(s)' to continue

 Upload Multiple Images 2

  • Click 'Next' on the Upload Status window

Upload Multiple Images 3

  • Enter a Description (Alt Tag) for each image
  • Click 'Select All' to check all action boxes
  • Then click 'Enter Properties'

Upload Multiple Images 4

  • Click 'Save' on the next window
  • Check the Upload Status of the images
  • Click 'Close'


Step 2. Select the placement of the image and "choose" the image(s) 

  • Select page and element you would like the image(s) to be in
  • Find and choose the images

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