Upload Multiple Images

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1. From the menu bar choose New > Image

 Upload Multiple Images

2. Select the correct subsite and click "Upload multiple images."

Upload Multiple Choose Subsite

3. At this screen, find your images where you have them stored, select multiple files, and drag to "Drop files here."

Upload Multiple Drag Images

 Upload Multiple Select Images

4. Once all the files appear, click "Upload Image(s)".

Upload Multiple Check and Enter

5. Enter a Description (Alt Tag) for each image, click "Select All," then "Enter Properties."

 Upload Multiple Enter Properties

6. Make sure the "Include in Public Image Gallery" is checked, then "Save."

Upload Multiple Save in Gallery

7. When the Upload Status appears, close it.

Upload Status: Multiple

8. You are finished and can click "Cancel" to exit.

Upload Multiple Last Step

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