Creating Tables

WARNING: Use tables for displaying columns and rows of data. Do NOT use tables for text

Tables are fairly simple - but not quite the same as adding them in Word or other applications.

1. Click the Table Icon

Tables Screenshot

2. Choose the table size by selecting how many rows and columns the table should have. Rows and columns can be added or deleted later as well.

Select the width and height of the table by filling in Width and Height. Please use percentages and put a % after the number, otherwise the table will interpret the number as pixels.

In addition, the first row and/or column can include a header by selecting the Header drop-down, and clicking desired option.

Table Select Screenshot

3. To add or delete a single row or column, select the table and right click on it. From there, hovering over row or column will give you the option to add one before or after the current row/column that you have selected. To change the number of rows or columns by more than one at a time, you can also select Table Properties.

Table Row Column Add Delete

4. To highlight an entire table, click and drag on the table

Table Select


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