Change a Page Title or Name (URL)

Change a Page Title

Changing a page title can be done using Properties.
Select "Standard" and enter the new title.


Standard Title

Change the Page Name (URL)

Only change the page name (URL) if is absolutely necessary. There may be pages that link to your page (referring pages). Pages linked inside CommonSpot will be updated, but bookmarks made by users will break.

Under "Actions" choose "Rename Page..."


Type in the new name (this will be your new URL - keep it short) and use the orange circle to copy it downward.

Rename Page

Navigation Link Change after Page Title Change

Links in the navigation on the left of the page are displayed based on the name of the title of the page to which the link goes. After changing the page name do the following to get the link name to change:

1. Choose the actions pull down menu and Clear and update cache

2. Choose the actions pull down menu and choose refresh navigation/prefooter

View the page in a browser to see if the change has been completed. If not please send a service request to DoTS.

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