The html view has been added as a feature for all authors. HTML View IconThis allows you to see the code behind the text block. It can be viewed by pressing the HTML Toggle key.html toggle key

Seeing the code is helpful if you have issues with line breaks, especially around links to uploaded documents. The symbol for the document may appear on a different line than the link. Viewing the code will make it possible to fix this.

Notice below that the PDF symbol is not next to the link but shows up on the following line. This is because there is a break tag <br /> inside the reference tag <a> ..... </a>. To correct this, move the break tag outside the reference tag and you will see the PDF symbol directly after the link.

A link to an uploaded document

This is how the link should appear:

A link to an uploaded document

The html code should be used mainly to solve problems such as the one above. Adding styles to the html may have no effect because of the restrictions built into the CMS style sheets.

Below is an illustration of the code with the tags circled.

HTML Text Block 

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