CMS Errors

Error after Logging Into Page in Commonspot

If you experience an error after logging into commonspot try the following:

  1. Refresh the browser two times (ctrl+F5)
  2. If step 1 was not successful, vist the page by choosing Reports in the menu. Drill down to the subsite and chose the open the page.

Authoring Login Failure Screen

I Can't Edit a Textblock (no editing icon)

Following a software update authors may experience the CMS behaving in unexpected ways. Error message may occur or access to functions may be prohibited such as text block editing. To remedy this:

  1. Log out of the CMS authoring mode (upper right corner.)
  2. In Firefox, open a new private browser session.
    Firefox Private Browser Session Screen capture
  3. Vist the page you want to edit and log in.


Following succesful changes to the page, future editing should not require you to log in with a private browser session.

However, if the trouble persists please contact

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