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Kenya Study Abroad

Sponsored by the College of Education and Professional Studies, University of Wisconsin-River

Dr. Jose E. Vega, Professor of Multicultural education in the Department of teacher education and Linda Alvarez organized and sponsored this study abroad opportunity.

The Kenya Study Abroad program was initiated with a firm recognition that we live in an economically and culturally interdependent world that will constantly challenge the teachers of the future in the areas of content, technologies, and teaching methodologies.  Since the 1960s the African continent has been the focus of international attention.  As the nations within this vast land become more politically stable, economic investment and a growing population will accelerate the development of this continent.  This development will be sustained by a well- educated workforce.  The nation of Kenya is a part of this economic development and thus.  is a suitable place in which to immerse future teachers into the dynamics of an evolving country in the 21st century.

 Students who participate in the three-week course study the nation's history, its K-12 public educational system, and examine the economic and cultural ties between this country, the United States and other nations in an every changing social-cultural environment.  The first study abroad program was initiated in the summer of 2009.  Future plans for the program include an energetic recruitment program, the development of a scholarship fund, and the development of an adaptable study abroad curriculum in line with the University's mission and goals in support of an educational program in international-global studies.   

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