English Language Arts Education, Grades 4-12

Prepare yourself for the work force by gaining experiences that will help you in all fields. Students interested in writing, reading, research, and creativity and developing these marketable skills needed for a changing job outlook should consider English as a major. Students will gain abilities in writing, editing, revising, researching, and learn how to critique one another. No other major on campus offers this particular combination in such intensity. 

At UW-River Falls, students have the opportunity to participate in experiences that contribute to their overall success while at the university. Students have participated in the UWRF Summer Scholar Program doing undergraduate research and in NCUR, the National Conference for Undergraduate Research. 

Students focus on professional development through course work, acquiring skills in classes such as technical and professional writing, opinion writing, and proposal writing, while taking more traditional English classes as well.

Education Emphasis

English majors who pursue an emphasis in education have the opportunity to work not only within the River Falls area, but also to take advantage of partnerships UWRF has within the Twin Cities and other local areas.