Certification Portfolio

Teacher Learning Portfolio Elements

A Portfolio will include the following elements:



Each of the Educator Standards for Teachers is embedded within course work, as indicated on the standards-based matrix for each Program.  Each reflection should explain in detail how the artifact demonstrates an understanding of the area it addresses (See Expectations on Writing Reflections). All artifacts and reflections will be reviewed and approved by the faculty member(s) teaching the course in which that standard is embedded.  Successful completion of the Teacher Learning Portfolio is required before progressing to student teaching/ Communicative Disorders Practicum.            

Reviews of the Teacher Learning Portfolio  will utilize three level rubrics for each standard:

  • Does not meet expectations
  • Meets expectations

To complete the Teacher Learning Portfolio a teacher candidate will need to demonstrate proficient performance or higher. A candidate must successfully complete the standard(s) connected with each course listed on the Standards Based Matrix for their program in order to receive a final grade. 


 The Teacher Learning  Portfolio must be completed by December 1 to begin student teaching placements during the spring semester, or June 1 for fall semester student teaching placements. Once the portfolio is approved a Milestone will be added to a candidate's unofficial transcript.  The Teacher Learning  Portfolio must be approved before beginning student teaching.

Teacher Learning Portfolio Artifact Matrix

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