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Social Studies, Grades 4-12

The broad field social studies major prepares the teacher candidates to become a social studies teacher on the secondary level (grades 4-12). The programs include the major, general education requirements, and the Wisconsin licensure requirements. Teacher candidates explore inquiry based social studies instruction, how to design authentic assessment, and to meet the needs of diverse learners to prepare them for civic, college, and career readiness. Teacher candidates also engage with professional organizations to explore best teaching practices and professional development through a two-block process. The program is committed to prepare future teachers for teaching middle (4-8) and high school (9-12) social studies. In addition, the program can be used as an entry point to a variety of graduate programs and professional schools. 

Quick Facts:

Teaching Licnese: Social Stuides, Grades 4 - 12
DPI License Code: #2700

Placement Information:First Destination Survey

Program Highlights

  • 120 Credits to complete the major with two paths for licensure.
  • Teacher candidates are actively engaged in state and national professional organizations
  • Easy to double majoring in a specific social studies subject area
  • Focus is on inquiry-based instruction, authentic assessment, and meeting the needs of diverse social studies learners.


A team from UW-River Falls conducted research on the Kerner Commission Report and how to teach about race relations. They will be presenting at the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) annual conference this November.

The Kerner Commission Report came about in 1968 in the aftermath of civil disorder. The report included recommendations for improving the social conditions, policing and administration of justice. It also gives a detailed history of the lives of Black people in the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Read More...

"Truly, how does one write a testimonial? Do I talk about how I found a history professor that helped me find my favorite era of history or do I talk about how this program has helped me make my own history. I knew I would graduate with a diploma in social studies education, but I didn’t know I would leave the university with having done undergraduate research and having led professional development at a state level. Even now, three months after the program, I am preparing to present research at a national level with a classmate and a professor, who is now not only a colleague, but a lifelong advisor."  - Ali Metcalf UWRF Spring 2021

Social Studies Education Steering Committee

  • Dean Vesperman (TED) – BFSS Director
  • Mary Wright (TED)
  • Tyler Koepke (TED-advising)
  • Neil Kraus (History)
  • Rich Wallace (Sociology)
  • Travis Tubre (Psychology)
  • Hossein Eftekari (Economics)
  • John Heppen (Geography)
  • Davida Alperin (Political Science)

For more infomration please contact:

Mr. Tyler Koepke, Sr. Advisor
Phone: (715) 425-3774

Dr. Dean Vesperman, Program Coordinator 
Phone: (715) 425-3032