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Teacher Learning Portfolio Instructions

These instructions supplement the Quick Start Guide on the Anthology support website.

  1. Login to Anthology (Formerly Chalk and Wire)

  2. Select Menu on the Upper Left Corner of the Page

  3. Select “Work” from the Drop down Menu

  4. Select “Coursework”

  5. Click on the Blue Button in the Center, “New Portfolio”

  6. Select “Can’t Find my Table of Contents”

  7. Give your Portfolio a Name, “Last Name, First Name, Teacher Learning Portfolio”

  8. Under the drop down Menu for “Department” select “Education Department”

  9. Under the drop down Menu for “Table of Contents” select “Teacher Learning Portfolio”

  10. Click on the “Create” button

  11. You can also refer to this video for help

Refer to the Quick Start Guide for detailed instructions.

Check the Approved File Formats list before adding an artifact. You may need to convert the file before adding it to your portfolio.

  1. Edit the appropriate page in your portfolio (Ex. standard one)
  2. Click on the Artifact button if the artifact has already been uploaded to Anthology or the Upload Artifact to add a new file to Anthology.
  3. Follow the instructions to select/upload the file
  4. Click Save/Done

What is Reflection?

A reflection is a narrative statement or new media narrative (digital story) that reflects your understanding of the Standards in relation to your artifact.
Where do you put the reflections in your portfolio? How long should they be?
Narrative reflections should be written in Microsoft Word (or another word processing tool) and copied and pasted in the space labeled CONTENT. Typically a reflection should be concise, approximately one to two pages, 12 point font. A new media narrative or digital story as reflection should be no longer than 3 minutes, and less than 10 megabytes.

What makes a good reflective statement?

A good reflective statement will be an honest look at your experience in meeting the standard. It will be one that focuses on the purpose of the standard in relation to both your artifact and your educational experience. Reflections question, or problemetize practice, ask how the teaching experience went, or how you might have changed your teaching to make it better. In this way you are seeking to grow as a teacher.

What is an excellent reflection?

An excellent reflection is honest, polished, and addresses all facets of the standard as it relates to your artifact and experience. It demonstrates a thorough understanding of how you can meet the standard as you grow in your ability to become a teacher. Models are available through your instructor or program coordinator.

  1. Write the reflection using Microsoft Word or other word processing program.
  2. Highlight the reflection and click Copy
  3. Open the appropriate page in your portfolio
  4. Click on the Text button in the Add toolbar to add a new Text Block
  5. Click on the Paste from Word or Paste Plain Text buttons
  6. Click Save

To share a page or portfolio for evaluation

  1. Go to the appropriate page
  2. Click on the Submit Page button in the navigation bar
  3. Select Single page or Whole portfolio and click Continue
  4. Start typing the name of the course instructor, course name, or portfolio administrator. Anthology will bring up matching names from the UWRF Education Unit.
  5. Select the appropriate assessor and click Submit

To share a page or portfolio for other reasons

  1. Go to the appropriate page
  2. Click on the Sharing button in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.
  3. Select the amount of the portfolio to share (entire portfolio, selected page & subpages or selected page only)
  4. Set a password and expiration (optional)
  5. Click the Generate Share URL button
  6. Send URL using e-mail or other tools listed

Artifacts and Reflections added to a Anthology portfolio prior to fall semester 2021 need to be transferred into a new portfolio.

  1. Follow the steps above to create a new portfolio in Antology and select the Teacher Learning Portfolio Table of Contents.
  2. Edit the appropriate page in your portfolio (Ex. standard one)
  3. Click on the Import Content button
  4. Select the portfolio page(s) you want to import
  5. Click the Import button

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