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Criminal Background History

 CEPS Criminal Background Disclosure – Due Diligence Policy


Policy Purpose

This policy requires students declaring majors in the College of Education & Professional Studies and Agricultural Education majors to provide information disclosures as a means of supporting due diligence for public safety in lower division courses with Field experiences that occur prior to admission to Clinical Level instruction and requiring Criminal Background Checks for Senior or upper level practicum experiences for undergraduates and Graduate students who will be involved with minors or vulnerable adults.  This policy establishes a structure by which such disclosures are to be reviewed at the College, and structure for the requirement for Criminal Background Checks and their review.


Responsible College Officer

Dean of the College and Associate Dean of the College 



This policy affects students who declare College of Education Majors/Programs who seek to participate in courses or activities that bring them into public environments with persons who might be minors or vulnerable adults. 


Full Background Policy - Click Here (.pdf)





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