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Academic Buildings

Agricultural Science

The Agricultural Science (Ag Science) building is home to the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences. Students have access to great learning opportunities in updated laboratories and classrooms. The Biology Department, located on the fourth floor, has a Tissue and Cellular Innovation Center where students participate in undergraduate research in biomedical science. Located on the second floor, you will find a newly renovated digital dome planetarium. The planetarium is a unique learning space where students enjoy a variety of astronomy presentations. There are also three food processing labs in the building: fruit and vegetable, dairy and meat. Dairy products are produced by students and sold at Freddy's Dairy Bar, located at 212A on the second floor of the Ag  Science building. Located directly behind the Agricultural Science building is the campus greenhouse where students studying horticulture and agriculture sciences get hands-on experience. 

Food Science Addition

The Food Science Addition is connected to the Agricultural Science building on the west.

Agricultural Engineering Annex

The Agricultural Engineering Annex is connected to the Agricultural Science building by a corridor on the south.


The planetarium is located on the east side of the Agricultural Science building.

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