Animal and Food Science

Careers: Meat Animal Emphasis

With a degree in the animal science-meat animal, you have many opportunities for careers. Take a look at the examples of job positions, companies and careers below.

  •     Agricultural Journalist
  •     Agricultural Loan Officer
  •     Animal Health Product Distributor
  •     Artificial Breeding Distributor/Technician
  •     Breed Association Representative
  •     Custom Operator/Specialist
  •     Feedlot Manager
  •     Food & Drug Inspector
  •     Herd Manager
  •     Livestock Buyer
  •     Meat Inspector
  •     Nutrition Consultant
  •     Pharmaceutical Sales
  •     Public Relations Specialist
  •     Quality Control Supervisor
  •     Production Line Supervisor
  •     Research Assistant
  •     Teacher
  • Agricultural Extension Agent or Specialist
  • Veterinarian
  • Product Development Investigator (Meat/Feed Companies)
  • Researcher (USDA, Universities)
  • Bio-Engineer
  • Post-Secondary Educator

Alumni Spotlight

Mark Werner alumni

Mark Werner

Graduation Year: 2005
Major/Minor: Animal Science-Meat Animal
Position Title: Market News Reporter
Employer: USDA-Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS)

As a Market News Reporter I get to see the marketing of agricultural commodities all the way from the farm to the retail front. The job of a market reporter is to provide accurate and unbiased marketing information to the agricultural industry to promote the orderly marketing of agricultural commodities.

Currently, my responsibilities are centered around the lamb and veal industries, but the office, based in Des Moines, Iowa, has other reporters who’s main duties are related to beef, swine, pork, ethanol and feedstuffs industries. We collect data and create reports that reflect the current market activity, which are published for public usage.

This career has given me the opportunity to work with all the major packing plants and the producers that supply them with livestock; as well as the companies that procure the finished products to be used in the food service industry and in retail. I have also had the opportunity to attend auctions and report public livestock sales as well work with feedlots and cattle producers to apply grades to feeder cattle as they are received at the feedlot to determine the individual value of each animal. The highlight of my career has been working hand in hand with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange doing live cattle deliveries. This entails sorting cattle to look for individuals that have defects and do not fit the CME specifications, as well as applying a quality and yield grade to each animal to determine their value. 

As I reflect back on my career and the experience that I carry with me, I owe a lot of credit to CAFES and the great teaching staff at UWRF. The hands on teaching method that CAFES offers, provides graduates a competitive edge to applying their knowledge from the classroom to real life situations in the workplace. The UWRF Staff are extremely knowledgeable in their field of study and are always willing to answer your questions or discuss any issues you have, even after graduation. I would especially like to recognize Dr. Gary Onan who I still keep in contact with today.       

Jim Magolski

Jim Magolski, Ph.D.

Graduation Year: 2007
Major/Minor: Animal Science-Meat Animal
Other Degree(s): Ph.D. in Animal Science (2012) North Dakota State University, M.S. in Animal Science (2009) North Dakota State University
Position Title: Hog Farm System Manager
Employer: Coleman Natural Foods

My time at North Dakota State University was spent researching how environmental factors such as stress, nutrition, and prenatal development affect meat quality aspects in both beef and swine. I am currently employed with Coleman Natural Foods as the Hog Farm System Manager. My primary responsibility is procuring all market hogs for slaughter while also working with producers to improve production performance and efficiency while maintaining a focus on meat quality. 

My time at UWRF was invaluable to where I am today. When I arrived on campus I wanted to study animal science with a focus on pork production, but I had no idea where it was about to take me. Numerous opportunities were available to help foster this development. Superior classes taught by some of the best professors in the country, coupled with the abundance of hands-on learning experiences were priceless. I had the opportunity to manage the swine unit at the Mann Valley Farm for three years and also started the UWRF Show Pig Sale. I was active in Block and Bridle, Livestock Judging, and completed an undergraduate research project under the advisement of Dr. Gary Onan. 

I would encourage anyone looking at a degree in Animal Science to strongly considered UWRF. The faculty and staff truly care about you and want you to succeed. Much of where I am today can be accredited to my education at UWRF.

Our graduates have been employed by a variety of organizations. Here are a few:

  • Genex
  • Iowa Select
  • Hormel
  • Jennie O
  • Goldn' Plump
  • Tyson
  • Cargill
  • Land O'Lakes Purina Feed Division
  • USDA
  • Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
  • Covance, Inc.
  • JBS Swift
  • Winfield Solutions
  • A variety of pharmaceutical companies

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