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Careers in Animal Science

Opportunity Awaits!

The Animal Science Major will prepare students for a variety of positions in animal agriculture. These positions offer significant and early opportunity for advancement. The demand for personnel is consistently high in all areas. In addition, the Animal Science-Science Option prepares students for entry into either graduate school or veterinary college.

Examples of entry-level jobs for Bachelors Degree holders include:

  • Agricultural journalist
  • Animal health inspectors (Federal and State)
  • Breed association representative
  • Breed publication editor/assistant
  • Breeding farm manager
  • Cow/calf & feedlot manager
  • Equine equipment sales and service
  • Nutrition sales and consultation - Equine, Swine, Beef
  • Extension or youth agent/specialist
  • Farm or Stable manager
  • Genetics company representative - Bull and Boar studs
  • Horse trainer
  • Livestock procurement
  • Meat processing quality assurance technician
  • Meat processing production line manager
  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Public relations specialist
  • Poultry flock manager
  • Research assistant
  • Riding instructor
  • Swine herd manager
  • USDA/State meat inspector or grader

Examples of positions for Advanced Degree holders include:

  • Veterinarian (private, federal or state)
  • Product research and development for meat companies
  • State livestock or equine extension specialist
  • Research scientist for animal health or pharmaceutical companies
  • Product development for feed companies
  • Marketing research for genetics companies
  • Professor of Animal Science

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