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Survey Research Center


The Survey Research Center (SRC) is a valuable resource for state and local agencies, non-profit organizations, faculty and other clients. The SRC provides high-quality survey research and analysis services at reasonable costs. 


Typical services and procedures include:
  • Survey Design and Planning

Staff work with clients to help identify topic areas for information gathering, clarify survey objectives and determine effective methods of designing the most productive and cost effective method of collecting data.

  • Instrument Design

The SRC staff designs web based, mail, and telephone survey questionnaires. Survey invitations, and cover letters can be designed that are customized to fit the surey's objectives and help improve accuracy and response rate. 

  • Data Collection Method

The SRC helps clients determine the data collection method most effective for each survey. Options include web paper mail-out surveys and web based surveys. 

  • Collecting and Coding Data

Once data has been entered into computer files, SRC staff checks, cleans, and labels the data prior to analysis. The SRC uses scanning software for most mailing projects and online survey software for web based surveys. Open ended comments are analyzed using qualitative data software. 

  • Managing Data

Using Excel and SPSS analytical software, staff extract the data and convert the results into percentages based on the number of completed surveys, or the number of people who completed an applicable survey question.

  • Data Summary and Report Interpretation

As needed, the SRC can provide the client with a raw data file, in Excel, or a basic statistical "summary" report showing response percentages; or an even more elaborate full narative report. Full narative reports include cross tabulations, graphs, and discussions of findings. All comments from open ended questions will also be reported. Depending on the distance to travel, there would be no fee for a formal presentation to the client/group requesting the survey. 


Affordable, high quality survey services

  • Cost Estimates

Clients may request preliminary estimates of the cost of services to be provided by SRC staff. Informal, verbal estimates (frequently requested in preliminary telephone contacts) are subject to revision when more information is known about the project. After the client provides a full specification of the tasks to be done, a cost proposal is prepared, stating the conditions and time schedule required to complete the work.

The SRC rates are competitive with other academic and commercial survey organizations. We pride ourselves on the affordability, not charging on a margin. Project costs can vary depending on factors such as scope of services required, the survey methodology used, the number of respondents, the nature of the sample, etc. We invite you to contact us to discuss the scope of your project and factors that govern it. 

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