Our Services

Survey Research Center


Typical services and procedures include:

  • Consultation 

The SRC staff work with clients to clarify the objectives of the survey and identify the most cost-effective data collection method that will lead to unbiased and accurate data. 

  • Survey Design

Once survey objectives and the data collection method have been determined, we work closely with the client to design a survey questionnaire and cover letter. We draw on our vast repository of previous surveys to make recommendations on the type of questions to include and format the questionnaire to ensure that the survey-taking experience is simple and easy for respondents. 

  • Data Collection

We conduct all tasks associated with implementing the survey, including printing, preparing, and distributing the survey questionnaire and cover letter, and responding to inquiries from survey participants. The SRC obtains approval from the university's Institutional Review Board (IRB) before implementing the survey to ensure that we comply with the ethics standard for survey research. 

  • Data Compilation

Once data collection is complete, we clean and compile all responses into electronic format. Our data compilation processes follow strict protocols of quality control such that the compiled data is accurate and reliable. For example, to minimize the potential for human error, we use a scanning software that reads the paper survey responses and generates an electronic data file. 

  • Data Analysis

As needed, the SRC provides the client with a raw data file, a basic statistical "summary," or a full report that includes more comprehensive analysis. The full reports include cross-tabulations, statistical testing of differences between respondents, etc.), comparison to previous surveys or peer organizations (where applicable), and a discussion of findings.

  • Formal Presentation

For an additional fee, the client may request the SRC to conduct a formal presentation of survey results to the relevant group of stakeholders.