Survey Research Center

About Us

Located in the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, the Survey Research Center conducts cost-efficient and high-quality surveys for various community-focused clients, including municipalities (townships, villages, and cities), non-profit organizations, school districts, food cooperatives, and community development organizations. The SRC also conducts surveys for academic research projects at universities throughout the country.

The SRC was first established in 1995 and has since conducted hundreds of surveys on various topics, including broadband internet access, quality of life, resident experience, land-use and comprehensive planning, sustainability, farming practices, diversity and inclusion, etc. The SRC has also conducted surveys to support academic research, including discrete choice experiment (or conjoint analysis) surveys. 

Today, the SRC retains its original mission of conducting surveys that support community development the food and agriculture industry, and academic research. In consonance with this mission, the SRC prioritizes projects that benefit the public and provides services "at cost" to all clients.

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Our Values:

Quality and Security

Here at the SRC, we ensure that our data collection and analysis is rigorous and unbiased. In addition, we implement strict security measures to protect all confidential information and never release private data without our clients' approval. We focus on providing only the best quality services for our clients. We understand that our work directly affects communities. Without providing the highest of quality, we would'nt be able to best serve those communities.


We employ well-established sampling techniques to ensure that all segments of the target population are adequately represented in the survey, and that survey results accurately reflect respondent opinions.

Affordability and Efficiency

The SRC is different, we pride ourselves on providing high quality services at affordable prices. We value helping communities with our quality services, not profits. What sets up apart from other survey organizations is our ability to provide economical services while maintaining high quality and scientific rigor.


As a non-profit department which is affiliated with a public university, we provide all services "at cost" and ensure that our services are accessible to clients that may otherwise not be able to afford surveys. Moreover, our methodology is designed to ensure that the benefit of each operation exceeds the cost. We often work with clients on a limited budget to design a survey that fulfills their need without exceeding their budget. 

Community Focused

We prioritize projects that have enhanced people's quality of life, further scientific advancement and education, and strengthen communities in various ways. 


We serve local governments, community development organizations, academic researchers, food co-ops, and other organizations directly involved in improving their communities. We typically do not take clients from the corporate sector or those who do not share our mission of improving the welfare of our communities and the mission of the University of Wisconsin.

Service and Transparency

We strive to provide excellent customer service and maintain complete transparency so that our clients fully understand our processes.


We provide extensive consultation to help our clients determine the target population and the type and format of questions they would like to ask. Throughout the survey process, we communicate openly with the client to keep them updated on the survey's progress and to incorporate any feedback that the client provides. Clients work directly with the director of the SRC, Dr. Shaheer Burney, and assistant director.